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Hi there! I'm Bethany.


Hopeless romantic turned florist; big fan of wedding cake and love stories. I live for charming moments…and believe everything can be made just a bit sweeter with a touch of blooms and a little candlelight.

When I'm not knee deep in flowers, you can find me:

--Hiking with Butters, my rescue pup

--Working on a sewing project with my foster daughter

--Engrossed in a documentary with my nerdy husband


It all started when...

...I was a little squirt. I grew up in a small Wisconsin town, picking lilacs in my parents’ backyard, creating dandelion crowns, and finding vintage vases at garage sales. Although twenty years have passed and I'm now a California girl, not much has changed! You can still find me in the backyard cutting roses, and hitting the local thrift stores in search of the perfect vase or vintage tray.

When I launched Bonjour Bloom, I realized I’d finally found my dream come true! My aim is to deliver beautiful flowers that both match your personality and look as joyful as your big day feels.

What's it like to work with you?

Here’s my take on working together: planning a wedding is stressful enough. You should link arms with vendors who dreams with you, respect your budget, and are genuinely excited about your big day! Beyond that, I believe in making sure your my client's experience with me is filled with kindness, charm, and ease. I aim to do all those things…and ultimately deliver beautiful bouquets and tablescapes that reflect your style, dreams, and joy.

Where's your shop? my home studio in Willow Glen, San Jose! While I dream of someday owning a storefront, I currently work out an in-home studio, allowing me to tuck my flowers in for the night before turning in, and to greet them first thing in the morning to make sure they're watered and well-cared for!